contax tix + fuji nexia 200

so, i won’t even get into the whole aps film being a few years too late to save film from the digital take over, blah blah blah… because you can find that all explained in detail elsewhere. i just get on these kicks of searching for weird shit on the internet and decided to try an aps camera out. i liked the idea of having a camera i could use and have the results converted to smaller 5×7 prints. which, happens to be where the totally irrelevant aps format shines. when i got these prints back, i was floored at the sharpness/lighting/tone accuracy of them. it gave me that feeling of going back in time and reliving the moments where i took the photos, some shit that only seeing your photos in print can do. obviously this contax tix (basically a contax t3 but for aps film) is the reason behind all of that and right now they’re still pretty cheap for what you get. i stocked up on about 12 rolls of 40 exposure fuji nexia 200 (the best aps film there is) and after getting this back, will probably buy a dozen or so more to keep me going for a few years. it’s a finite resource and i’ve accepted that this beautiful titanium mini-t3 will be a shelf ornament soon, but for now i’ll keep shooting it. development and print’s done by dwayne’s photo. prints scanned in on my epsom v600 at 1200 dpi.